‘the old soul in young body’ … a.k.a Vaughn Lowell Swenson

‘the old soul in young body’ … a.k.a Vaughn Lowell Swenson



Hey guys,

It’s been a long time since I had time to sit down and write a post. I’ve had very busy summer including one of the best day of my life, my wedding (…but this will be covered in another post). I decided to pay more attention to the blog section of my website and start writing (more) again. I would love to kick it off with a post I was preparing for a long time and finally introduce you to a person who is very inspiring person to be around. I decided to photograph a portrait of Vaughn last summer or so which ended up as awesome afternoon with some ‘sick photos on the side’. Vaughn has a life long passion for music and piano and is influenced by true songwriting greats, such as Randy Newman, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Paul Simon, and auteurs like Ry Cooder and Van Dyke Parks. When I asked Vaughn why does he do what he does, this was his answer:

“I am in ecstasy when I play the piano, or when I listen to music, because music is the master vibration that everything in nature is trembling to express. Listening and composing and playing music is a complete necessity for me, a blessing and affliction. Music is an experience, intimately married to life. Currently, I’m trying to find a way to survive and thrive making music. I knew music would be my mistress when I was just a boy, and that, by virtue of this knowledge, I would potentially be living in a ditch with a foot of water as a pillow. I confess that this misgiving has crossed me in idle imagination, but has not spurred my feet in anyway.”

We had amazing times while shooting the portraits and I picked a location very close to my place, Swangard Stadium. The idea was to see Vaughn go nuts and really enjoy himself performing on such a huge stage of a big stadium, although there was no audience. In our mind, we totally “sold out” the whole place and Vaughn was ‘playing’ the best performance of his life. It was great to see the results and see his soul come through and being able to capture it in these photographs. This first photograph of this blog post is one of my favourites because it exactly portray Vaughn’s limitless love for music.

Here is a behind the scene photo of how this shot was made:

FULL RES_Vaughn Svenson photoshoot behind the scenes

These photos are from the same day and I think are the best pick. Having a blast and enjoying the sunshine (because that’s what life is about!)

Here is a useful link where you can find more details regarding Vaughn, his walkabouts and what he is up to:


Hope you guys enjoyed these photos and it will be a pleasure if you stop by here soon.

Cheers, Martin.

As a bonus I am including a 5 portraits of Vaughn and his boys, Joe Gibson and Jordan Lysenko, who are the core members of THE BRAND (a music band solely focused on the love for music). These portraits were taken on Mamiya RZ 67, which is a medium format film camera first introduce in 1982 and is my (third) love of my life. 😉

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