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Flawless – Nude class body & light study

Nude study of light and its properties on specific skin type chosen directly for this particular lighting. Two big white “V-flats were used to each side of the model and bare strobes were fired into the “V-flats” to flood the subject with very soft and reflected light. All shadows become unusually soft and are still in hard contrast with the dark backdrop. The “V-flats” also work as flags to prevent any light from spilling onto the black background. 


Enjoy! 😉


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Mnt Seymour, BC Winter Camping in Snowy Thunderstorm


This is the time when I fulfilled my dream of sleeping in the craziest environment so I could feel and photography the peace and tranquility that was around me in such a harsh conditions.

Rain and snow storm on Mnt Seymour in Vancouver BC in winter months is just so magical. Not to mention that I was surrounded by the elements that very few people in the city get to experience in that moment –  because it was pretty sh@$*# out there for anyone to go out for a hike.

I made an upside-down fire to keep me warm in my snowy 1 bedroom apartment built by my own hands with avalanche shovel, and it is then when I realize why I came to such an unforgettable place… to experience and photograph the stillness! …literally 😉

See for yourself.

martin … xo 

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Out of darkness – Amazing darkroom exhibition at the Gallery 49 Langara College

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Shatter in Motion – 360 degrees spin of sheet of shatter

As the market progress’ and we are slowly approaching legalization in British Columbia, more people are seeking better quality of visual solutions for their products. This 360 degrees video of sheet of shatter is a pure example of well executed shoot which helps our clients to catch viewers’ eyes and attention. And imagine this to be played on your 4K tv to showcase your menus and visual branding in your dispensary or shop. Enjoy!

Shatter made by Shatter Shack in Victoria, BC.



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How to shoot an umbrella

Behind the scene video from my commercial product photo-shoot of their umbrellas for Vancouver Umbrella Inc. website, advertising and collateral material. It was lot of fun to set up full portable studio at the location in their warehouse.


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Glamour Pet Photography Vancouver behind the scene set up

7 Doberman puppies 5 & 1/2 weeks old was a big  challenge, but thanks for help from everyone involved, after 1 hour of getting their attention all at once paid off. The shot turned out perfect although I had to composite one of these fluffy “Teddy bears” from a second shot.

Here is a behind the scenes shot set. (There is also a Canon speedlight to the camera left set on 1/4 of power to bring out the details from that pitch black fur- creating mix hard light).

Click on the photo for the best preview of the photograph.



And this is the final shot:



Thank you for visiting… see you soon.

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Vancouver Pet Photographer- It Was a Pleasure to have fun with Toni & Lila

Photo Furrytale about two girls, Toni & Lila...




Here are more photos: Continue reading »
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Vancouver Charity Event Photographer- Beauty Buzz 411 Gives Back to “Fuck Cancer”

It was awesome to experience such an amazing night as BeautyBuzz411 2nd Annual Gala Event.
I had a pleasure to become friend with Crystal who is very inspiring person and happen to be my friend.
Her passion for her blog and "give back to community" is amazing and drives people forward.
I wanted to say thank you to everyone, share some of Crystal thoughts and my photos along side.

“After months of planning, the day has finally arrived for the Beauty Buzz 411 2nd Annual Charity Gala. There has been so much buzz and support, my heart is overflowing with love.

Two years ago when Beauty Buzz 411 launched, I knew that I wanted to celebrate my anniversary each year by giving back to charity. BB411 has blessed me with the opportunity to work with amazing companies and I have met incredible people along the way. I believe that one person can make a difference and no amount of giving is too small.

Last year on BB411 Anniversary I cut my hair and donated 11.5″ to Locks of Love, the proceeds raised went to the Make a Wish Foundation. With such a great turn out,  the hype for this years event has been building for months. We hope to beat our success from last year and give back by bringing awareness to an amazing organization for a cause that has affected so many people.

When scouting out what charity to support for this years gala, I kept coming across Fuck Cancer. There was just something that kept drawing me to the organization and it felt very dear to my heart. From the moment I got in contact with the team they have opened their hearts and supported me in so many ways. I love the community they have and their focus on education and early detection. As the weeks went on I soon realized that Fuck Cancer was not just a charity, it was a family. Fuck Cancer educates Gen Y on early detection, prevention and the communication of cancer.

With the help of an incredible team I wanted to create a photo shoot that would show my support and capture the raw beauty of this amazing charity. I wanted to take a stand and not only be a voice that supported the cause, but be part of the change I want to see in this world. I had the absolute pleasure to be shot by Photographer Martin Szabo, Stylist Crystal Carson, Make Up Artist Allison Giroday and Hair Stylist Simon James.

After doing our shoot I went through a health scare with the C word and lost a friend to Cancer. This event soon became closer to my heart. Stay tuned for the in-depth story. Continue reading »

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