Mnt Seymour, BC Winter Camping in Snowy Thunderstorm


This is the time when I fulfilled my dream of sleeping in the craziest environment so I could feel and photography the peace and tranquility that was around me in such a harsh conditions.

Rain and snow storm on Mnt Seymour in Vancouver BC in winter months is just so magical. Not to mention that I was surrounded by the elements that very few people in the city get to experience in that moment –  because it was pretty sh@$*# out there for anyone to go out for a hike.

I made an upside-down fire to keep me warm in my snowy 1 bedroom apartment built by my own hands with avalanche shovel, and it is then when I realize why I came to such an unforgettable place… to experience and photograph the stillness! …literally 😉

See for yourself.

martin … xo