Be Blown Away Portraits with some serious ShareDDB action!

Hey guys,


It’s good to have time again and sit down with glass of wine to write another post. It’s Sunday night (11:46pm) and I had an amazing day today. Woke up at 6.15am to go for a sunrise hike on top of the Mt Seymour’s ‘Dog Mountain Trail” and got absolutely soaked wet with the heaviest snow rain and one foot of snow with my dog Buddy. He was the most unhappy dog in the world right after he got the touch of the ice-watered snow beneath him, which soaked his little belly in zero degrees water for about an hour or so. He was safe and happy after having a good breakfast 😉 and this story will be covered in the next post.

The thing I want to share with you today is some seriously amazing and crazy portraits I did few days ago (NOV 19th, 2014). I had the opportunity to donate my time and talent for one of the best agencies in Canada I know, which is DDB and support local charities at the same time. They needed a photographer to cover the event  but I also wanted to bring little twist to the “silent auctions” as we know it with some good portraits. After seeing so much stuff online and social media I decide to bring on the big guns. MAKE SOME NOISE! I’ve rented leaf-blower which was able to generate 235MPH wind and get some faces flying! Literally!!!

These are the best of the best from the evening:

Be Blown Away_1564Be Blown Away_1545Be Blown Away_1614Be Blown Away_1628Be Blown Away_1609Be Blown Away_1624Be Blown Away_1637Be Blown Away_1642Be Blown Away_1658Be Blown Away_1671Be Blown Away_1675Be Blown Away_1690Be Blown Away_1709Be Blown Away_1724Be Blown Away_1740Be Blown Away_1759Be Blown Away_1783Be Blown Away_1805Be Blown Away_1839Be Blown Away_1793Be Blown Away_1870Be Blown Away_1891Be Blown Away_1908Be Blown Away_1923Be Blown Away_1931Be Blown Away_1953Be Blown Away_1994Be Blown Away_2014Be Blown Away_2119Be Blown Away_2170Be Blown Away_2095Be Blown Away_2177

As far as the light set up and behind the scenes, here are some background shots:

Photo 2014-11-19, 5 46 21 PMPhoto 2014-11-19, 5 33 35 PMPhoto 2014-11-19, 7 18 51 PMPhoto 2014-11-19, 5 37 16 PM

Thank you guys for stopping by and check back soon for next projects.

Have a great time!

Martin 😉


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